44% Peroxide Dental Bleaching System

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Teeth Whitening

44% Peroxide Dental Bleaching System

Tooth Whitener Oral Gel Kit 


Step 1:Making yourself filled trays.

Heat the mouth tray under 80 hot water and warm it up about 10 seconds.Put the mouth tray over your teeth,use your fingers gently try till it mold your teeth,set the trays firmly against the teeth.

Step 2:Compare the teeth used teeth shade guide.

Step 3:Apply a thin layer of whitening gel to both mouth trays and spread evenly(0.25 to 0.4ml for each tray anymore is just wasted).

Step 4:Insert mouth trays in the mouth and over the teeth,set the trays firmly against the teeth.

Step 5:Have the customer insert the tray for 10 minutes or for 7 minutes,then rinse with water.

Step 6:After teeth whitening,use mouth spray.It can make you fresh breath.Repeat this complete treatment 2 tines make sure you rinse & dry the tray between sessions,or once a day,after 3 days,compare before and after with teeth shade guide,we can look teeth improved 7-10 shade.

Note:Only 4pcs Set has single arch trays,thanks

10 pcs set included

10 X Whitening Gel(3ml per)

2 X Latest design thermoform single arch trays

1 X Mini cold light whitening lamp

1 X Professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide.

6 pcs set included:

4 X Mouth Remouldable trays

6 X Syringe Tips(included whitening Gel)

6 X Syringe Caps

1 X Bright Laser Light(included batteries)

4 pcs set included:
4 X Whitening Gel(3ml per)
1 X Latest design thermoform single arch trays
1 X Mini cold light whitening lamp
1 X Professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide
3 pcs set included:
3 X Whitening Gel

2 X Mouth Remouldable trays

10 pcs Gel included:

10 X Whitening Gel(3ml per)

5 pcs Gel included:

5 X Whitening Gel(3ml per)

3 pcs Gel included:

3 X Whitening Gel(3ml per)

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Whitening Gel

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Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening



81 reviews for 44% Peroxide Dental Bleaching System

  1. K***y

    Yesssss I just received it I can not wait to try it 🙂 ultra fast delivery very happy

  2. R***a

    It came in nicely packed, you have to use it, i thank the store, then i will put comments to use

  3. M***b

    All syringes and protectors came intact, the manual was very helpful. I’m scared the light didn’t turn on, but when i remove the security sticker (picture 2) and i put the batteries right. I placed the order on 10/08 and arrived 04/10

  4. K***a

    Came well packaged and on time. Am eager to test.

  5. A***f

    While i give feedback on receipt. Delivery about two weeks, wanted to throw in the mailbox-did not fit))))) i took a similar set a long time ago and i liked it, so i decided to take this)) the package corresponds to the description, instruction in english, but the pictures can be understood without an interpreter. I liked the manipulation with the hood))) warm up, put in my mouth and there will be a miracle of the mold of teeth))) it’s cool)) tomorrow i’ll try to do)))) a lamp with a battery in the kit. See, in the batteries transparent gasket in order not to turn on in the way. You clean it up and everything works.

  6. A***a

    Super, though it came a little broken

  7. Z***s

    Arrived, still not tested but will soon soon.

  8. B***r

    Took about 2 months to get here in Manaus-am, ordered in Aug and arrived AGR in Oct. Product comes well packed, got everything right, yet will test to see if it works, but the other reviews believe work straight. Congratulations to store

  9. R***s

    THE product took almost 3 months to arrive, due to customs, am loving, all came straight works, posted there my photo before and after only 3 section!

  10. A***R

    I come very quickly from what I expected, well packed and everything. Now missing test it

  11. Customer

    Order arrived right, yet not tested. Arrived ahead of time, only the laser not lit but’m without time to look straight. Still not used, so use, back to say the result

  12. C***z

    The product is equal to that shown in the application

  13. R***Z

    Product arrived in good condition, within estimated time. Comments on its operation will be left in the future

  14. P***

    Just came whitening kit. First what the shedding in eyes it gabaryt, pack very tightly packed, what makes it small and prevents, shipment to content. Set looks professional. Head UV, with early not działała, but out of the battery and security with agent, all is O.K. Today Evening, wypróbuję product and zamieszczę pictures with the effect of whitening. 5 stars for a while the present. Brawo for retailer, definitely not latest product purchased from it!

  15. U***j

    the product was very accurate

  16. E***e

    Is OK all comply with the description☺ And seems me Sie stainless dziala cool image adds zdjevie after the first uzyciu and by ocencie themselves I will add stainless rozne Swiatlo known roznie zdj wychodza Pamietajcie to docinac this Gume lest not poparzyc dziasel recommend czytac instructions because I know of many senior juz wearing narobilo szkod

  17. L***a


  18. G***Z

    The product arrived well. It took quite a while but it’s more of a problem in my country. The store was always attentive.

  19. T***g

    Take long to arrive, spent 3 weeks time but arrived. Not used so n know if works. But all right in Golden-MS, only problem was the delay even

  20. S***i

    Good product as described but haven’t used it yet.

  21. K***i

    ok !

  22. D***a

    Product delivered in a month. Prefer always via ePacket, because the China Post (chosen), mails Brazil charge a fee 15 dollars to release the order. Still, my arrived in 30 days.

  23. F***s

    Received very quickly. Complete kit. The blue light works with 2 batteries. I will come back to see the result on the teeth

  24. G***r

    Good product and very fast shipping!

  25. J***a

    Exactly as the description! Arrived missing a week to complete the delivery deadline. The trays are easy to use and all arrived undamaged in Goiânia Goiás. Not needed to pay the postal rate.

  26. M***a

    Perfect! Resuktado the first application!

  27. W***n

    Arrived just in 2 months here to Belem. still not tested, but believe Q works by other ratings. Came well packaged and all right.

  28. Customer

    Arrived in 2 months, but got it right, like the photo, well packed, worth the wait, good store.

  29. S***a

    Took more than 25 days to arrive! Hope get results quickly! Test will then come let a more accurate! Well packed! Thank you the store will send more!

  30. N***a

    Loved, got everything right, the store was attentive arrived within just right, not used more have enjoyed and recommend. For those who want to do a good whitening little spending is excellent saves you quite, before use is always good search by a specialist in first time do apply because this product can cause serious consequences if used wrongly, it meets the demand and really brightens second expert consulted, Not only can use unreasonably to not have consequences, more is this Loved❤

  31. M***z

    I got my package. It came well and complete just need to use it

  32. G***a

    Will Test and after my opinion of product.

  33. A***v

    Came pretty fast. It is important to read the instructions, not to watch bloggers on YouTube. Before use it is necessary to properly make the mold, and cut it in the shape of the teeth, so that as little gel as possible fell on the gum. I marked the cap around the contour of the teeth through the mirror and then cut it. Use 20 min once a week, gradually increasing the time to 45 minutes. 1 procedure left 1 cube, and in each syringe of them 3. if very sensitive gums and teeth, it is not necessary to use. After the first application, the effect is not particularly noticeable, it’s good, says that the composition is not highly concentrated, so as not to burn anything. The only unpleasant thing is to swallow saliva when you hold Capas. The composition somehow falls into the mouth. I will add a review after 3-4 uses. In the meantime, 5 stars.

  34. A***a

    I’ll prove that you’re clarking gradatively.

  35. M***a

    This is really good!

  36. F***r

    Ah arrived in perfect condition. Seller recommended.

  37. I***a

    Arrived in perfect condition, packed perfectly. As described. And faster informed, in 1 month and half received the product. But still will test. Grateful!!!

  38. G***l

    everything came perfect the light work(open and take the plastic off) but it ship a little bit long.I will leave feedback again after use it!

  39. M***s

    Great, it took a while to get, but as the description, very worth!

  40. R***r

    Heeeee got the order now to see if it works

  41. E***a

    Good Product

  42. D***o

    Mail not with what is our, ask for the store put fragile packaging!

  43. H***o

    Very good, already using a week and have noticed a difference

  44. A***a

    I came in a month. Everything is well packed. Nothing was damaged during transportation. I haven’t tried it yet. Later I will add a review

  45. R***s

    Arrived all as described in ad

  46. Customer

    Well packed.

  47. Customer

    Way too perfect

  48. A***a

    Still not tested the product but got everything right as the request and the ad description

  49. K***s

    Product arrived within, tracking stopped working when arrived in Brazil. Well packed and full. Back to give the feedback after use 🙂

  50. I***l

    Beautifully packaged, still not tested, omprei 17/09 arrived 13/11 Goiânia/Goiás

  51. A***B

    I arrive in perfect condition, same as the publication, I arrive earlier than expected, just try it.

  52. A***t

    arrived to Canada in 4 weeks. everything looks good. smells like a hospital in the bag. extremely clean! I will post in a few weeks results. i did buy 10. they have a 24 month shelf life, so 2 years is pretty good! best price I found around.

  53. E***a

    The product arrived well

  54. J***r

    It took a little while to get there, nothing serious, it’s the right pieces. I’ll start using them shortly so I hope they work well

  55. I***a

    All good! 1month delivery to Romania

  56. M***r

    has describe. not yet try. will be update.

  57. G***o

    chegou tudo certo. postarei em breve os resultados!

  58. P***s

    Came as far as fast not yet próbowałam

  59. F***n

    According to the description. I have a stock lot. Hopefully I have a beautiful smile

  60. S***s

    If it works perfect

  61. B***j

    Got everything right, well packed and early.

  62. I***a

    It came very quickly, in 2 weeks. packed in airtight foil. Super

  63. D***

    Ve gotten am straight when tasting, I sign me I in a Week!

  64. M***o

    Super recommend, all right and arrived very fast!!!! Posted a before and after with only one application of 25 minutes.

  65. S***s

    This came in so FAST! a week tops & came with everything I needed

  66. L***o

    Arrived in 40 days, all right.

  67. Customer

    Everything came whole, I recommend the product.

  68. Customer

    The Peroxide gel was a little intense for the first 2-3 minutes but then stopped. After that I had a lot of spitting during the 20 minute application time. Already after the first time you see improvement. The gums were very lightly discolored white while the rest were bright pink. Everything was back to normal within an hour. Brushed my teeth without toothpaste after to remove excess gel. *Pro Tip: when fitting the mouthpiece, dip it in a cup of boiling water that has cooled for several minutes. I dipped mine three times and it was already showing signs of shrinking (meaning that it’s ready to be molded) and it fit on my teeth perfectly top and bottom the first time*

  69. R***r

    Not yet tested in the kit there is everything.

  70. A***H

    2 weeks in Kislovodsk

  71. R***u

    Excelente/ increíble. Amazing results with just 2 applications. I will order again . I have another 4 and I will read additional feed back . For me works .

  72. C***a

    Ordered 11.11 reached 9.12. Came everything right, now is try

  73. X***S

    Thank you

  74. V***a

    Finally received the long-awaited parcel, it was 2 months and two days). Even the dispute opened, but the money did not have time to return, a couple of days after the opening of the dispute received the goods. As for the goods packed well, all in stock, the description corresponds. I ordered to shine a snow-white smile on New Year’s Eve)). Let’s long, but before Ng thank god came)) check in action. Later I will add a review. Thanks to the store, the contact was coming. I recommend.

  75. M***s

    Arrived ahead of schedule. Took maybe 3 weeks. Arrived as described.

  76. D***r

    All as the description! Will Test now! If work, am 5 stars

  77. V***e


  78. L***a

    Arrived fast here Are Luís in Brasil, all in perfect condition. Am impressed with fast delivery, am very satisfied. Great store.

  79. B***y

    I come in perfect condition now to wait for the results

  80. Customer

    Arrived on time, will test to see if it works.

  81. R***r

    Came well packed. Very good product

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